1. Foundation and Basement
Reinforced concrete foundation system to Engineer’s requirement

2. Superstructure
Reinforced concrete and/or steel structure to Engineer’s requirements

3. Roof
Reinforced concrete flat roof with insulation and waterproofing system where appropriate

4. Floor Live Load
Unit main level – 10.0kN/m2
Unit mezzanine – 5.0kN/m2
Unit basement – 7.5kN/m2

5. Floor to Floor Height
1st storey to 4th storey – 5.95meter (approx.)
(inclusive of mezzanine level)
Basement – 3.60meter (approx.)

6. Walls
External Wall
RC wall / hollow block wall / clay brick wall and/or precast wall panel with skim coat
and/or plaster with weather resistant emulsion paint finish, where applicable

Internal Wall
RC wall / hollow block wall / clay brick wall and/or precast wall panel with skim coat
and/or plaster with emulsion paint finish, where applicable


1. Flooring
All units – Generally power float concrete floor / floor hardener
Toilets – Homogeneous tile (to Architect’s selection and design)
Passenger lift lobby – Stonework / homogeneous tile (to Architect’s selection and design)
Internal common corridor – Concrete with hardener
Basement carpark, – Concrete with hardener driveway, ramp
External driveway – Homogeneous tile / paviors / tarmac (to Architect’s selection and design)
Pool deck, BBQ area – Homogeneous tile and/or pebble wash finish
Basketball court – Acrylic coating

2. Walls
Toilet – Homogeneous tile to ceiling height (exposed area only) (to Architect’s selection and design)
Passenger lift lobby – Stonework / homogeneous tile (to Architect’s selection and design)
Internal common corridor – Plaster and paint finish

3. Ceiling
All units – Skim coat with emulsion paint to soffit of rc slab
Toilets – Calcium silicate board and/or gypsum plaster board and/or skim coat with emulsion paint
Lobby and internal – Calcium silicate board and/or gypsum common corridor plaster board and/or skim coat with emulsion paint

4. Windows
Aluminium framed glass window system

5. Doors
Unit main entrance – Glass and/or timber doors and/or fire-rated doors and/or roller-shutters as per statutory requirements, where applicable
Toilets – Timber flushed doors / PVC bi-fold doors
Common areas – Timber doors and/or fire-rated doors as per statutory requirement, where necessary

6. Sanitary Fittings
Unit toilets – Generally 2 ensuite toilets with 1 wc and 1 basin. Except for unit type 1H, 1 ensuite toilet

Unit type 1A, 1F, 1J, 1L, – 3 Phase, 100 Amp Isolator 2A, 2F, 2K, 2M
All other units – 3 Phase, 60 Amp Isolator Canteen – 3 Phase, 100 Amp Isolator

Fibre Optic / Cat6 to units (without connection)

CCTV to all lift lobbies and to Roof Top facilities
Card access to Roof Top facilities

Applicable only to unit type 1H and 1M
To ensure good working condition of the air-conditioning system, the system has to be maintained and cleaned by the Purchaser on a regular basis. This includes the cleaning of filters, clearing the condensate pipes and charging of gas

Passenger lift – 2 nos capacity 15 pax
Goods lift – 2 nos 2.5T

Surface carpark – 25 lots
Basement carpark – 135 lots
Handicap carpark – 3 lots
Strata carpark – 21 lots

2 nos. lorry loading bays

Swimming Pool – 50mx8m Infinity Edge Pool
Indoor Gym
Basketball Half Court
BBQ Pits
Roof Top Pavilions
Courtyard Lawn at First Storey
Open Garden at Basement Level

Lightning protection is provided as per statutory requirements

Sprinkler and fire alarm system as per statutory requirements
Dry riser and hose-reel system as per statutory requirement


Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the Vendor at the Unit, the Vendor shall assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when possession of the Unit is delivered to the Purchaser.

Additional Notes
While every reasonable care has been taken in preparation of this brochure, the Developer and its agent cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions. All statements are believed to be correct but shall not be regarded as statements or representation of facts. All information and specifications, renderings, visual representations, and plans are current at the time of publication and are subject to change as may be required by us and/or the competent authorities.

Materials, Fittings, Equipment, Finishes and Installation
All information, specifications and statements herein shall not be treated to form part of any offer or contract. Floor plans are subject to amendments as may be required by the relevant authorities. Visual representations, models, showflat displays and illustrations, photographs, art renderings and other graphic representations and references, not limited to landscape and furniture, are intended to portray only artistic impressions of the development and cannot be regarded as representations of fact. Floor areas are only approximate measurements and subject to final survey.Subject to Clause 15.3, the brand, colour and model of all materials, fittings, equipment, finishes, installations and appliances supplied shall be provided subject to Architect’s selection,market availability and the sole discretion of the Vendor.

Marble, Limestone and Granite
Marble, limestone and granite are natural stone materials containing veins with tonality differences. There will be colour and markings caused by their complex mineral composition and incorporated impurities. While such materials can be pre-selected before installation, this non conformity in the marble, limestone or granite as well as non-uniformity between pieces cannot be totally avoided. Granite tiles are pre-polished before laying and care has been taken for their installation. However granite, being a much harder material than marble cannot be re-polished after installation. Hence some differences may be felt at the joints. Subject to Clause 15.3, the tonality and pattern of the marble, limestone or granite selected and installed shall be subject to availability.

Fan Coil Units, Electrical Points, Door Swing Positions and Plaster Ceiling Boards
Layout / Location of fan coil units, electrical points, door swing positions and plaster ceiling boards are subject to Architect’s sole discretion and final design.

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